Meet the Team

Hi, I am Carla, the founder of Motivated Minds. I built Motivated Minds around my own experience of ill mental health and the gaps I fell through. I still struggle to this day, but my driving force is building an ethical business that is going to challenge the stigma of mental ill health and offer coping mechanisms to help people live healthier and happier. 

Motivated Minds brings me so much pride, especially those who walk beside me and give up their time to volunteer. I am extremely privileged to see them blossom, and to consider them friends. 

Hi, I am Jo. I joined Motivated Minds as a volunteer in Oct 2017. I joined because I wanted to find myself and give back. Having been sober for 4.5 years, I needed to find my worth after a groundhog day of mundane routine, housework and school runs. Quickly I found myself becoming part of the team, and started to learn about myself and realised my true potential. I'd never do things like climb Snowdon, but with the team I completed this personal challenge. I also passed my driving test, started college and Motivated Minds helped me take those first steps and build my confidence. Now, I help Carla run Motivated Minds - how awesome is that!!



Having had trouble with addiction to help me cope socially and overcome life traumas, I have my own personal story and know what it means to struggle with mental ill health. I have always found nature a great coping mechanism for my stresses in life, so my plan with Motivated Mindsis to support the MEN'd program and develop horticultural therapy projects. 

My name is Eddie. I am diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, when I am stressed I also have really bad tics. This caused me loads of problems when I was at school because I was misunderstood and they focused on what I couldn't do, rather than my strengths. Since I started with Motivated Minds on a Coach Core Apprenticeship I have supported our Walk 4 Wellness programmes and all our youth activities which I love and am really good at.

My proudest moment was meeting the Royal Highnesses of Cambridge who run the Coach Core programme through The Royal Foundation.   


We have a team of over 20 regular volunteers who use their life experience and personal strengths to help us, help others. From our marketing designs by Lewis, to Amelia and Karen our Walk Leaders, Alex our Safe Guarding Officer and our volunteer Directors: Vikki, Danny and Paul. We wouldn't be able to achieve the success we have without them, or without the volunteers before them. So, to all that have helped build Motivated Minds and to all those that still walking along side us, thank you!! 

We take great pride in our volunteers, with over 80% suffering from severe mental ill health we aim to bridge the gap between can't do and can do. We gently ease people into the team and they develop their job role around their needs and time span.  Of course as a promoter of positive mental health we want our team to reach their potential and gain purposeful employment. So, over the years we have lost a few fantastic people because they have moved on and into paid employment, which is great for them but one day we want to be that employer. 

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