Community Wellbeing

When it comes to wellbeing, evidence shows that our relationships affect both our mental and physical health. After all, we as human beings are social animals, and our relationships with other people matter to us. Nurturing our relationships can help us feel happier and more secure, and can give us a greater sense of purposeStrong relationships with family and friends can allow us to share our feelings and know that we are understood. They provide an opportunity to share positive experiences, and can give us emotional support, as well as the chance to support others. However, many changes can happen in life that leave us with either little, or no network. With this in mind Motivated Minds empower individuals and build support networks to help connect people with their community, making it a healthier place to live and work.  

Our Community Wellbeing provisions include: 

  • Wellness Days - Raising awareness of the 5 ways to Wellbeing and promoting self-care
  • HAPPY Hub Pop-ups - Getting people involved in various positive activities and promoting positive mental health
  • Community Dinners - Bringing the community together to cook and eat together, share stories and play board games
  • Community Picnics - Setting up in a park with various wellness resources and physical activities to engage the community
  • Community Gardening - planting and maintenance of edible foods in public spaces
  • Pay-It-Forward - Appeals to support the most vulnerable in the community, such as elderly, homeless and isolated If you would like to know more, or have an idea please get in touch!

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