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There are so many wonderful things that happen at Motivated Minds, and here are just a selection of good news stories of the amazing work that takes place in our community. 


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She. A story of gratitude.

She asked me for the time, “midday” I softly said, and with a sigh, she grunted, “oh no! Only 10 hours until bed!”

Intrigued I asked what she had planned for the day ahead, ‘cos I was tired and couldn’t wait for the safety of my bed!

“I lost a friend a year ago before her time was here, I promised not a day I’d waste, and it’s been my favourite year!”

“But madam” I interrupted “that’s all well and good, but we all need to rest sometimes, your friend would have understood”

“There’s just so much to do and see” she said with a little haste. “Even the days I’m tired, I make sure it’s a not a waste”

“If I can’t leave my bed, I play a long forgotten song, and if it’s raining out I look for rainbows, as the sun can’t stay away too long” 🌈

“Enjoying life is easy, when you’re thankful for the sun, and when a morning song from a nesting sparrow, makes you sing along”

“Or when you’re counting out your pennies, and you haven’t got that much, but then someone kind holds your hand, and you feel the warmth of their touch”

She changed my life that lady, I think of her everyday. I look for the good, I try real hard, and all that I can say…

Some days are harder than others, some days can be real tough, but everyday I look for the good and fill my world with love ❤️

Posted 14 weeks ago

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