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   Motivated Minds are a lifelong wellbeing provider who believe in supporting people of all ages and giving them various tools to live healthier and happier lives.  

Men’s Health Week 2020

Men’s Health Week is celebrated annually during the week leading up to Father’s Day to raise awareness of health issues that predominantly affect men, and this year the focus is around managing men’s mental health during Covid-19. 

This year’s campaign comes at a time where many are struggling from social isolation, and a complete break in routine, and we want men to know that their mental health really matters, especially in times of crisis!

Male suicide is being described as a ‘silent epidemic’ and is the highest cause of the death in men under 45, and Carla Andrews, our Managing Director, said mental health services must become more appealing to men if they are to successful engage with them and save lives.

She continued “men and women cope with stress very differently, and a lot of traditional 'talking therapies’ are naturally suited more to women who often feel more comfortable opening up about their mental health.”

She added “We have specific services at Motivated Minds like our MEN'd programme that appeals more to men, and creates a supportive working environment, and we want men to know they don’t have to suffer in silence.”

To commemorate Men’s Health Week, we sent three large HAPPY Boxes for 150 workers at Basildon Borough Council to remind the male workforce that their mental health matters. Each box contained fruit, chocolate treats and Coronavirus Wellness Journals full of practical tips to manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times. 

If you would like to order a workplace wellness delivery you can get in touch with Carla at Motivated Minds on 07846 209 846, or email carla@motivated-minds.co.uk

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