One to One Client "I have been in and out of Basildon Mental Health unit for many years, I practically lived in the Doctors office. I thought there was no other options, I thought these were my only options. It was a viscous circle with no change. And then I heard about Motivated Minds. There has been times where I have been close to going back to the mental health ward, but now I have a support system which is a phone call or visit away. I now feel supported and listened too and I am building a tool-kit with Motivated Minds to help me grow." - CS Aug 2018

Exercise Buddy - Personal Challenge - Mount Snowdon "I had the most amazing time in Wales at the weekend thanks to Motivated Minds! I would never have thought about attempting something like this on my own, but I met an amazing group of people, and had a really unique experience thanks to #TeamMotivated. I’ve come back feeling refreshed and inspired; if you simply want food and a bed, book it independently, but if you want to boost your confidence, meet inspiring people, have support and guidance, and most importantly come home with a new zest for life, then book here! One of my favourite trips ever, can’t thank the team enough!" LS May 2018

Well Youth Club - "My son has been attending for the last few weeks and all I can say is WOW what a difference, he looks forwards to his Friday nights and weekends are no longer a constant battle between us all. He can actually calm himself and listen to us and have a reasoned discussion about what needs to be done rather than stomping off upstairs (our doors are loving it too!). Thank you so much Carla, you’ve given us family time back again." LV Apr 2018 

HAPPY Hub Drop In "7 weeks ago I was homeless and feeling extremely depressed and needed help with my mental health and my gambling addition. 

I met Chris at the HAPPY Hub and he was amazing, very understanding. Over the weeks, with the help of the staff and volunteers they showed me coping mechanisms, which improved my self-esteem and confidence. 

I am now housed, not gambling and working part-time. This wouldn't not have happened without the support and help from the Motivated Minds team. You are all amazing. Thank you". - Russell Apr 2019

"The HAPPY Hub is my favourite place on Earth. I recommend Motivated Minds if you struggle in life or need a change of atmosphere, this is definitely to go." Skyler Jan 2019

Workplace Wellbeing: Basildon Council mental health champion, Cllr Andrew Gordon, said: “I believe it’s important that we as a society do everything we can to support those who are experiencing a mental health condition. “As someone who has experience of a mental health condition I know full well what a debilitating impact mental illness can have on someone’s life. It was only when I built up the courage to share what was going on in my head that I was able to start the long road to improving my mental health.”

"Thank you to Motivated Minds for being part of our event which gave our staff an opportunity to share their thoughts and receive advice on managing their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Basildon Council remains committed to supporting a mental health friendly workplace”.    Oct 2017

Exercise Buddy: Personal Challenge -Walking Marathon -Through motivated minds we had a great day out with some lovely people seeing countryside we hadn't seen before. Knowing that donations are used to benefit others was another reason why we'll be seeing more of Carla Andrews and her team. If only the world was full of people like we found here. - Niggly R Aug 2017

INside Out: Body Confidence - Went to a confidence course this evening for pre-teens and it was fantastic. My 9 year old loved it and it sparked some frank conversations on the way home about self image. We'll definitely be back. - Debbie D July 2017

Bridging the GAP is brilliant. Every morning I woke up with a positive attitude about it. I loved that I could meet new people, it was a brilliant idea.  Thomas D.  Aug 2015

Thank you for your informative session on Let's Talk... DrugsThe feedback from the Cadets was very positive so hopefully they will spread the word and keep themselves out of trouble.  Air Cadets 2015

Student Wellbeing - Motivated Minds has worked brilliantly with our students at Deanes School, helping with a range of personal issues from self-esteem to boosting social skills and attendance. Their very 'human' approach to our youngsters has made it feel like they have always worked here! The feedback from students has been so positive! Thanks very much. Mrs L Fanning - The Deanes School 2015

Foundation for the Future - I would like to thank you for the help and support given to my son whilst on your programme. During the time he has spent with you I feel he has gained confidence and learnt new skills. The trip you took him on Tuesday (Stubbers Activity Centre) found him discovering that he could achieve things he'd never thought he could and felt very proud of himself. I am also happy he has made new friends. I feel this course has been very positive for him.               J. Stewart. 2015

I would like to thank the Motivated Minds team so much for their part in donating £1324. which will go to Young Carers.  The team are fantastic and go above and beyond to support the well-being of young people.       Gina - Carers Choices 2015

Foundation for the Future - The team really helped me grow in confidence, for that I will be ever grateful.   Jay 2015

Well Youth Club - My daughter went to the youth club for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. It was such a relief as she is extremely shy, she finds social/group situations extremely hard. After speaking with Carla she assured me that the group would be just the place for my daughter and I agree. She went again last night and came home happy and relaxed. Thank you Carla , the children are very lucky to have this facility.  - Debbie M May 2017

Bridging the GAP - Thursday have made a great difference to me as I was becoming a 'couch cabbage' only going out when absolutely necessary. The children I have met have been pleasant, polite and a joy to be with. I can honestly attribute a growth in my own confidence to this fantastic programme.   Sylvia A. Oct 2016

Workplace Wellbeing - The staff well-being appraisal was an eye opener,  I had thought that what we could do, we were doing, and there was very little else we could do as an employer. I was wrong.  Clifford J 2014 

I lost my way in life after my husband left me after 20 years. I did not know what to do, Motivated Minds empowered me, and I have now got my journey planned. Thank you!   Simone 2013

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Fantastic team building day, who knew I had it in me! Everyone really enjoyed themselves.   Sarah 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for your help and your support in helping me with my job search. I've managed to get myself work @ the ExCel!!    Reanna 2011

I found Carla to be creative and innovative in her training methods, always energetic with the people around her giving 110% in all that she did.”  Sandra 2011 (YMCA Training)