Recruitment & Selection Policy

The policy applies to all staff, volunteers and anyone working with, or on behalf of, Wellbeing 4 Life CIC (hereafter referred to as “Motivated Minds”).


This policy applies to all staff appointments within Motivated Minds and is done so to ensure that best practice recruitment and selection principles are adhered to and to ensure that any discriminatory barriers to employment and advancement within the Motivated Minds are removed.


The successful recruitment and selection of quality staff is a key objective of Motivated Minds to support the delivery of client wellbeing. The aim is to recruit high calibre staff possessing the skills and values consistent with the objectives and values of Motivated Minds.


Motivated Minds values and respects the diversity of its employees and aims to recruit a workforce which represents the communities that it serves. Motivated Minds welcomes applications from all sections of the community and ensures that all applicants are treated fairly at every stage of the recruitment process. Motivated Minds has a legal responsibility to ensure that no unlawful discrimination occurs and this policy explains how we ensure that all job applicants are not discriminated against on the grounds of their race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ethnicity, sex, gender reassignment, disability, age, religion and belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity, as outlined within the Equality Act (2010).

Motivated Minds are committed to providing equality of opportunity, not only in its employment practices but also in the services for which it is responsible as we value and respect the diversity of our employees and the communities we serve.

In applying this policy, Motivated Minds aims to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • Provide for good relations between people of diverse groups
  • Select suitable candidates based on relevant qualifications, experience, aptitudes and appropriate assessment of an individual’s potential for future development. The process is designed to ensure that objective measurable criteria are applied to the selection of candidates.


The following are the key individuals responsible for operating and monitoring the policy: Appointing Managers

Appointing managers must ensure that the recruitment process is managed wholly in accordance with the content of this policy, including appropriate constitution of the selection panel, effective management of the recruitment process, verification of the identify of candidates is carried out on commencement of the interview process and, ultimately, reaching an appointment decision.

It is the responsibility of the appointing managers and the Recruitment Team to agree the relevant timescales of the recruitment process prior to any vacancy being advertised.

All managers and staff who are involved in the recruitment and selection process must be trained adequately and understand clearly the consequences of poor recruitment practices. Managers and staff must ensure that throughout the recruitment and selection process no discriminatory practices occur. The interview panel must be agreed by the Recruitment Team.


Job Adverts shall be developed by the appointing manager from the vacancy job description and person specification, reflecting the realistic requirements of the post with regard to skills, qualifications and experience and shall not include any unjustifiable requirements. The advert must be in keeping with the essential and desirable criteria for the role.

Job vacancies will be advertised across a variety of mediums to ensure a wide audience.

The Applicant

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they are honest throughout their application and the recruitment process and to treat all staff involved in the process with dignity and respect.

Should an applicant be found to have made a false declaration at any point during the recruitment process Motivated Minds reserves the right to withdraw them from the process (or if an applicant has been appointed, to terminate employment).

Flexible Working

Motivated Minds commitment to flexible working arrangements opens up career opportunities for individuals who may not be in a position to work full time. Careful consideration must be given to whether a particular post can be job shared or whether adjustments can be made to the role to accommodate those who have an Equality Act Protected Characteristic (for further details, see Motivated Minds Equality & Diversity Policy), worked on a reduced number of hours, or worked in a more agile or flexible working pattern. If the appointing manager feels that such flexible arrangements are not possible, there must be a genuine business case and the manager must have clear and justifiable reasons for the fixed work pattern.

Conditional Offers of Employment

Following the completion of the interview process for all candidates, both successful and unsuccessful, will be contacted by phone, wherever possible, within 3 working days by the Recruiting Manager and will be informed on the outcome of the interviews.

The set of five pre-employment checks below make up Motivated Minds Check Standards covering:

  • Verification and identity checks
  • Right to work checks
  • Professional registration and qualification checks
  • Employment History and reference checks
  • Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

In addition, driving checks will also be carried out where appropriate.

Once all employment checks are successfully complete and the Recruitment Team is satisfied that the conditions have been met, they will issue a contract of employment (no later than 8 weeks after commencement in the post).

Probationary Period

All employment is subject to a 12-month probationary period and continuation of employment is subject to the successful completion of the appropriate training / induction course.

Employment during the probation period can be retracted at anytime if the candidate fails to comply with Motivated Minds policies and procedures.