Supporting Ukraine

We can't escape what is happening across Ukraine, and to the people of Russia who are against their oppressors actions. However, sad and anxiety fueling these actions are, on the otherside we have witnessed a new era of resistance charged with love and kindness, shinning through in these dark moments.  Farmers towing tractors, groups of citiziens standing before tanks, the President calling all Russian mothers to collect their sons, Elon Musk actioning Starlink to support communications. All working in a way never seen before in such circumstances. 

The strength and kindness of people across the world has been inspiring, no more so that of the Ukrainaine people and those in direct support of their cause. Therefore, we want to support those in direct need. We have an army of volunteers, ready to take donations, organise and arrange transport. Our Polish and Ukrainaine friends are supporting our efforts both here and in Poland. 


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