When it comes to wellbeing, evidence shows that our relationships affect both our mental and physical health. After all, we as human beings are social animals, and our relationships with other people matter to us. Nurturing our relationships can help us feel happier and more secure, and can give us a greater sense of purposeStrong relationships with family and friends can allow us to share our feelings and know that we are understood. They provide an opportunity to share positive experiences, and can give us emotional support, as well as the chance to support others. However, many changes can happen in life that leave us with either little, or no network. With this in mind Motivated Minds set-up the first HAPPY Hub in 2017, with an emphesis on connecting the communnity, raising awareness of mental health and offering instant support. Furthermore, we empower our on a journey of wellness, making the community a healthier place to live and work.  

In 2020, when Covid struck, we were uniquely positioned to step up to the challenges that were ahead and worked with both Essex County Council, Basildon Council and other partners to over come the barriers that were unfolding. In response to need, we set-up an emergency food bank, we connected 510 volunteers to neighbours-in-need, and we continued our mental health services online. 

Today, the HAPPY Hub also helps towards our sustainability, through both our merchandise sales and communi-tea cafe sales. All monies made, goes back into offering more services to local residents. 

Our vision is to have one in every town in the country. Offering mental health services, promoting the 5 ways to wellbeing, being a safe space, as well as connecting the community. 

A HAPPY Hub is only possible with a multitude of proactive partners, such as landlords, the Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Public Health, Police and Fire Commission and Youth Services.

Together we make it happen. 

Our work within the HAPPY Hub has been highly commended by Sport England, Essex County Council, Basildon Council, and by many of our fantastic partners. Not to mention a multitude of awards, including 'Innovation to Mental Health', and recognitions for the contributions made to mental health and wellbeing, including Public Health England's 'Health on the High Street' award. 

We aim to keep unitilsing empty spaces in prime locations to make a difference in the communities that they are based. In the heart of the community, with the aim of being supported by the community. Utilising an 'Assest Based Community Development' appraoch, gives us an opportunity to use under used community assets, including the invaluable skills of the community. 

Volunteers mean everything to us, some join us as a way to fill their day and to help them become work ready, some join us as they have retired and want to give back. Either way, they are the life blood of our organisation. Their journey with us is a route of personal growth, professional development and connection to new friends. 

We are extremely proud of our volunteers who have supported us over the years with fundraising, befriending, running peer groups, mentoring, administration, counselling, the list really does go on. 

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