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There are so many wonderful things that happen at Motivated Minds, and here are just a selection of good news stories of the amazing work that takes place in our community. 



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Support from the One Green Bottle Bikers is a ‘Triumph’

We have been overwhelmed by the camaraderie of local motorbike group, One Green Bottle Bikers, who are now helping us to deliver food parcels to vulnerable residents across the Basildon Borough. 


The One Green Bottle Bikers are  a group of friends that share a love for motorbikes and usually meet in Battlesbridge, Essex. However, due to the lockdown they are putting their social circle and bikes to great use by being emergency Coronavirus Crisis Volunteers for Motivated Minds.

Biker friends Mandi and Sean first suggested the idea to fellow riders after reading how the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London mobilised their community into a volunteer rider’s group, to provide free courier-style services to support the fight against Covid-19. The Bike Shed partnered up with Team Rubicon UK, the disaster response unit, and Gophr Couriers to recruit hundreds of motorcycle volunteers nationally to get PPE, vital medical equipment, food and much more out to those most in need.

However, with most of the work being based around London these kind-hearted bikers wanted to volunteer locally and help the community they care so very much about. 

Mandi explained “We wanted to share our passion and help the community and this is a great way to do that.”


She added “We get to go out on our bikes, doing what we love, but helping out at the same time!”

Carla Andrews, Managing Director at Motivated Minds said “this kind of support means the world to us and those we are supporting. What a wonderful way to have emergency supplies delivered, I can only imagine the smiles on people’s faces as their shopping and medication turns up at the hands of such iconic community characters.”

She added “this fantastic biker movement helps those feeling lonely and isolated during the lockdown to know they are not alone. We’re all in it together, and our biker volunteers are helping us stay connected with those most at risk, and safeguard some of the most vulnerable people in our community too.”

If you would like to join the fight against Covid-19, you can make a donation to help here, or to get in touch with Carla call 07846 209846 or email carla@motivated.minds.co.uk.

May 13th 2020

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