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Life After Lockdown

It’s been 9 weeks since Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown and just as light appears at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, it seems that the positive news is curiously having a detrimental effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Although the UK watched on for weeks as other countries tackled the pandemic ahead of us, nothing could quite prepare us for the harsh reality of a national lockdown. What followed Boris’ announcement on the 23rd March was weeks of fear, anxiety, and a drastic change to life as we knew it. 

Schools closed, businesses closed unless they were deemed as ‘essential’, shopping was rationed, and homes were on lockdown only leaving for an hours exercise per day. 

We missed birthdays, funerals, and stood on our doorsteps in solidarity at 8pm every Thursday to thank our keyworkers who were keeping the UK afloat. We always knew it wouldn’t last, yet the fear of returning to 'normality’ seems to be filling people with more dread than the news of the lockdown itself! But after weeks of adjusting to a new 'safer’ way of living, is it any surprise?

Any kind of withdrawal or isolation is likely to result in a loss of confidence as we become unfamiliar with what once was the norm. Weeks of watching how the virus (that has now been attributed to over £37k deaths in the UK) can be avoided by staying safe at home has been entirely flipped upside down as we venture back out supposedly safe in the knowledge that there is now room in hospital should we fall sick. 

Whilst inevitable, this transition for many is daunting and playing havoc with anxiety levels. Whilst some are flocking to open spaces to enjoy the outside for the first time since the social restrictions were in place, others stay safe behind closed doors too terrified to undo the good that has taken place so far. Whilst the journey towards life after lockdown will be unique for everyone, one thing we can agree on is that we must all somehow take a step in the right direction.

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Because some have been seriously affected by the pandemic, whilst others may have found working from home and enjoying a slower pace of life a welcome change, we want to bridge the gap and ensure everyone transitions safely. To do this, our Therapeutic Lead, Sarah, has devised a short, snappy introduction to Managing Anxiety that she will be delivering online next month to help anyone feeling overwhelmed about the post lockdown transition. This free 3-week course will take attendees through coping strategies, and techniques to combat anxiety and improve wellbeing.

Our first course has already had a great response, but if you could benefit from support for your anxiety, or you know someone who could, please do get in touch. We have a handy Coronavirus Wellness Journal available too which also has handy hints to keeping safe and well during the current climate. 

However quickly you get to life after lockdown, however bumpy your path is, we are here to make it that little but smoother.

May 26th 2020

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