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Top tips to help you cope with Lockdown 2.0

1) Try to keep to a routine

Get up at the same time each morning and go to bed at the same time each night. This is important because we generally function better with routine and structure in our lives. If the world around us is chaotic we can feel out of control – so setting a routine will help to counteract that.

2) Learn something new…

Most people learnt to make banana bread in the first lockdown. For some reason it was very popular. So why not learn to cook something different this time? You could learn to cook a new evening meal or get ahead and find some Christmas treats to make early. You could even incorporate this into a random act of kindness and deliver a treat to someone (in a socially distanced way of course).

3) Get active

Many of us know the importance of daily exercise. This lockdown is different because you are allowed to meet a friend for a walk, so why not reach out and meet a friend for a stroll? You’ll get some exercise, fresh air and companionship all at the same time!

Not a fan of walking? No problem! Many people who offer classes are putting them online – so now that we all know what we are doing with Zoom you can find a class to suit you and work out from home!

4) Stay connected 

We may not be able to see our friends and loved ones in person, but we can keep in contact by skype, telephone, Facetime or Zoom. They aren’t quite as daunting as you may think, so make it your mission to let technology connect you and get back in touch with the people that matter most. Although it isn’t the same as being together, it is the next best thing. You could organise a
games night? Bingo works well over Zoom – one of team members said they had a game of Pictionary online one time! Be creative, what have you got to lose?

5) Limit how much news you watch and how much you go on social media. 

If you find it depressing to keep on watching the news – don’t do it. If you go on social media just skip over the posts that make you feel down. If you are reading this you are likely to already be on #TeamMotivated so check out the other positive posts that we have.

6) Schedule in some quality time

If you are isolating within a household use this time to have some quality time
together. Be it a games night, movie night or music night. You know the things that you all enjoy doing, but never have time to do together. Well, now is your
opportunity. After the first lockdown you will have a much better idea of what
works within your household. But remember that it is equally as important is to
have some space on your own. This will help stop you from getting on each other’s nerves!

Be aware that this can be a flashpoint for relationships – so try to be kind to each other and have patience. No one wants life to be like this, but if we all want to come out of it the other side it has to be this way for a while. Give each other space when required and support when that is needed.

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