Our Story & Vision

Carla Andrews MBE BCAh

Hi, my name is Carla, I am the founder and Managing Director of Motivated Minds, and I believe life is too short to not live as a happy adventure. Trouble is, through childhood / adolescence and life, many of us lose faith, laugh less and stress more. This made me sad, because I noticed around me more and more unhappy, unfulfilled and lonely people, I knew I had to do something as I felt their pain. Having grown up facing physical, mental and sexual abuse, homelessness and a negative mindset, I didn't find my positive pathway until I was in my thirties when I smashed through an ocean of negative self-beliefs. From then on, I knew my calling was to share my story, inspire and build a platform to help others. I also wanted to create an ethical and sustainable business which ultimately would not rely solely on government / external funding and put the work we do at risk every time the political tides change. So, initially I set up in 2011 as a Social Enterprise, and became registered in 2015 as Wellbeing 4 Life CIC. However, we still trade day to day as Motivated Minds, with all of our profits going back into community wellbeingprogrammes. 

Listening to what people want has been important to us from day one, and combining that with positive psychological interventions has allowed us to be a game changer. We pride ourselves on building environments which allows people to step out of their comfort zone, learn about mental health, reduces stigma and empowers individuals to make better life choices. 

Being a lifelong provider means that we support people across the life course; from children, teens, adulthood and the elderly. Furthermore, we also do not have a specified amount of time that you can access our services. This was fundamental in our service design as many providers offer age specific services, meaning that sometimes families have to go to separate providers. In addition, another barrier identified was when service users completed their time specified programmes, many services started the referral process again leaving service users waiting for additional support. We have since found that where someone wobbles, quick re-intervention helps them get back on track straight away. Our clients have found this particularly useful knowing "we are always there", andour programmes like the Relax & Reboot Spa day has been a fantastic ongoing light touch for many of our customers. 

Our team have worked extremely hard to make a difference and this has been recognised by many of our partners who have offered us new and exciting opportunities. Our biggest to-date is the opening of the HAPPY Hub in Eastagte Shopping Centre, in Basildon. Our wellness-one-stop shop is ground breaking as it offers: volunteering opportunities, a safe place for anyone out struggling, a variety of self-help merchandise including books, timetabled positive activities, and a sensory retreat tentfor children. 

Our future, well we are aiming big. We want HAPPY Hubs in every shopping centre in the country, actually why we are at it, why not the world? If Costa can build a global coffee empire, why can't we build a global wellbeing service? Unfortunately, mental ill health is a growing epidemic and still misunderstood, so, by facilitating positive mental health services we can raise awareness, encourage our communities to come together and promote physical health, so there is more than one positive outcome. 

01268 520 785 / admin@motivated-minds.co.uk

HAPPY Hub, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon, Essex, England.

Motivated Minds trades under Wellbeing 4 Life CIC. Company No.: 9423090 © 2019