Welcome to Motivated Minds

 As a non-profit 'Community Interest Company' (CIC) we design and facilitate sustainable health and wellbeing solutions. Our focus is both preventative, as well as offering a range of one-stop-shop services to meet the needs of those suffering from mental ill health, as well as offer support for those who would like to enhance their life chances.

Our aim is to reduce stigma of mental ill health and support individuals through positive psychological/behaviour change, enabling them to live happier and healthier lives. We offer a variety of services including: advocacy, practical support, training and workshops. 

As a life-long wellbeing provider, we work right across the life course creating bespoke programmes for each stage. Furthermore, we actively promote wellbeing with: educational establishments, Job Centres, employers, the NHS, as well as directly in the community, which gives us the ability to reach out and make a real difference.

As a CIC, we believe in having our customers at the heart of what we do. Over the years our customers and volunteers have steered the direction of Motivated Minds and helped us recognise the various barriers which challenge optimum health. Our bottom up approach has enabled us to build unique provisions which engage and empower, and help our customers thrive by the most unique, creative and person-centred means.

Our success is driven by our passion, high standards, and our ability to fill the current health gaps and move our customers into improved health. The key to our achievement though has been our customers, who have changed their life for the better and gone on to spread the word of Motivated Minds.

The foundation of our provision stems from the NHS five ways to wellbeing; Connecting with others, being active, continued learning, giving to others and mindfulness.

In support of these elements our staff and associates have expertise in positive psychology, psychotherapy, occupational therapy and coaching interventions.

Focus is given to individual strengths and facilitating skill-sets which aid achievement and fulfill potential, as well as promote good mental and physical health.

Based in Essex but working across the UK, we offer a vast range of wellbeing solutions, and because we believe in going that extra mile it makes us a provider of choice. We will always listen to your needs and support your values. So give us a call and we will happily discuss your requirements.

Our partnerships include: