Case Studies


Just over three years ago we took on our first group of clients, 8 teenagers all with varying degrees of ill mental health joined us on a three week 'Foundations For The Future' employment course.

One lad at just 19 years old was a drug user. He tried to quit, but the dealers kept putting the freebies through his front door. He taught us that every minute he was clean was all he could live for, as he had described his withdrawal as like razors going through his veins, but each day he attended and took part in all of the set tasks and activities including; explored his past and future, he set small and long term goals, and broke down his social barriers, and widened his comfort zone. After our course ended we set him up with his dream employment pathway - music with our dear friends at Gateway 97.8 community radio. 


Three years on we met up with him once again and we're proud to say he's clean, he's grown in confidence, he's an awesome guitar player, and in our eyes he's living proof that no matter your demons - if you find your passion you can turn your life around.

Well done A! Keep growing.


At just 14 years old, Hannah Joined Bridging the GAP. She wanted to do something different with her spare time, so decided that giving back to the elderly within her community was worthwhile. Hannah lacked confidence and came across as very quiet. 

Three years later, Hannah has become a Junior Motivator - taking part fundraising, creating new ideas, supporting the running of projects and events. What's more, Hannah left school and went straight into employment which she credits to the work experience and confidence gained through working alongside Motivated Minds.