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The importance of workplace wellbeing has become increasingly recognised in recent years as it has been recorded that over 6 million working days are lost each year, with another 12 million days of reduced productivity (presenteeism) due to poor workplace wellbeing. With an estimated 1 in 4 employees affected by a mental health problem such as stress, depression and anxiety long-term absenteeism can be costly. Likewise, poor physical health has been linked to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which also impact upon the workplace. This is especially important to take into consideration as the UK workforce is formed from a high percentage of workers aged over 50, including a growth in the numbers of people aged over 65 that remain in work.  From an organisational perspective, managers who address and adopt a culture of employee wellbeing understand the role it has in reducing absenteeism, improving employee productivity and retention, as well as developing the overall health and wellbeing of their employees. Whilst research has found cash incentives are not necessarily key to employee wellbeing, well managed incentive programmes can dramatically drive engagement and results. Motivated Minds have developed various incentives and initiatives which are designed to engage, inspire and empower your employees. Whilst research has found cash incentives are not necessarily key to employee wellbeing, well managed incentive programmes can dramatically drive engagement and results. Motivated Minds have developed various incentives and initiatives which are designed to engage, inspire and empow er your employees.

The saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” summarises the benefits enjoyed by workplaces that have well-planned, ongoing workplace health and wellbeing programmes, as opposed to those that just select an individual component now and then.

Our Pledge:

To provide friendly, warm and personalised services suited to your workplace and people. Furthermore, as we believe in raising and facilitating performance development to individuals of all ages, for every Workplace Wellbeing programme we facilitate we will do another one for free in the local community. So, you are not only helping your staff and business, you are also supporting the local community!

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Research shows that corporate health and wellbeing programmes instill physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees and financial benefits to the employer.

  • Demonstrating a “care factor” for your employees
  • Fostering a community feeling amongst employees
  • Reducing stress-related issues
  • Improving employee physical and mental health
  • Increasing staff resilience
  • Better focus, concentration and management of workload pressures by your team
  • Increasing employee trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Improving workplace morale

As a result of the above mentioned employee benefits, the company will improve its bottom line due to:

  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover and therefore reduced recruitment and training costs
  • Becoming an employer of choice, which means you’ll attract and retain the best employees
  • Regular reminders of health messages boost the effectiveness of individual components and increases uptake of lifestyle changes
  • Significant changes in employee engagement
  • Comprehensive coverage of health and wellbeing issues at your workplace
  • Adaptability to the changing needs of your organisation
  • Alignment of your team’s workplace ethic with your company’s values

Our Workplace Wellbeing Offer

Supporting your workplace, no matter how small, together we will build a programme bespoke to you and your team. Our typical process consists of a four stage process:

          1 - Set up - Establish aims of programme and design required

                     2 - Research - Questionnaires / observations / interviews 

                              3 - Analysis & report - Data analysis, report compilation and feedback with recommendations

                                       4 - Implementation - Incentive programme, support andi training. 

If you would like to access our incentive programmes, support or training without a workplace appraisal please do get in touch. 



Set-upA member of our expereince team will be assigned to you, and will arrange a convenient time to listen which will enable us to understand your unique situation, learn what your company goals are, and create a package in alignment with your company values, environment and budget. 



Research - Our team will visit and complete a comprehensive appraisal of the workplace as experienced by your employees is an essential process in the identification of the particular aspects of the work situation that impact upon employee wellbeing. 

Our unique, holistic appraisal process is carried out through three avenues: informal interviews, questionnaires and observation. As we are also independent you can be certain of 100% objectivity, ensuring the findings offer a realistic and in-depth picture of current levels of employee wellbeing and engagement. 

The appraisal focuses on seven key areas:

  • Job role (hours, pay, workload)
  • Work-life balance (working outside of work hours) Professional advancement (training, development, prospects)
  • Physical health (musculaskelatal, sleep, exercise) 
  • Psychological health (stress, frustration, anxiety)
  • Environment (environment, safety, lighting)
  • Relationships within the workplace (communication, managers, colleagues, culture) The length of the process is dependent on your requirements, however we recognise the importance of minimal intrusion and will work with you to agree a suitable time frame. 



Our team will go away, compile all the data collected and produce a comprehensive report highlighting areas of strengths and areas of growth. Your assigned team member will then go through the report with you and advise an array of individual, team and company-wide solutions that will drive wellbeing, engagement and results. 



Wellbeing Implemention - We offer a variety of incentives and a comprehensive training programme. As your corporate partner, we will provide high quality wellbeing solutions unique to your workplace to keep your team healthy, happy and productive. Examples of our incentives and support include: 

  • Gym memberships
  • Team or personalised HAPPY Box
  • Workplace Yoga
  • Employee Counselling or Coaching
  • Wellness Monthly Mailshot
  • Team days, social events
  • Arranging Corporate Social Responsibility days
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing training session 
  • Stress and Burnout Managment training session 
  • Effective Communication training session

Our training solutions can be delivered in various formats, including 1 hour “Lunch ‘n' Learn” sessions, half-day or full-day workshops.

"We wanted to host a team wellbeing day, highlighting mental health. We chose Motivated Minds due to their excellent community work. On the day the Motivated Minds team turned up, set up and delivered all day, engagging our team. The feedback was amazing, people were opening up about their mental health for the first time, some of them we had no idea of their personal struggles. To say the day was insightful is an understatement"

- Westbury 2018 

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